G.S. de Hoog, J. Guarro, J. Gené, S. Ahmed,
A.M.S. Al-Hatmi, M.J. Figueras and R.G. Vitale

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A new totally renovated, colorful version of the Atlas of Clinical Fungi, the world’s most famous handbook on fungi of medical and veterinary relevance, is now available online. The website has several comfortable search options in the database, using names, diseases or any other parameter as key words. Information can be found on http://www.clinicalfungi.org/. Subscription to the website is possible as of today.
In 2020, the book will appear in print. It contains about 3000 pages in 3 volumes, with more than 600 photoplates in full color, chapters on diagnostic methods, antifungals, recommended therapy, phylogeny, and explanatory chapters on major fungal groups. With over 7000 references, the book follows the current literature until today, covering all 675 species that have been proven to be able to cause infection in humans and other vertebrates since the beginning of medical mycology in 1840. All fungal names used in medical publications can be found. The book is a must for every diagnostic laboratory.

Please note that for the book pre-ordering is recommended. Your early order will be rewarded with 10% reduction on the list price (of about € 275.-). The book will not be maintained in stock and will thus be sold out shortly after its appearance!

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We herewith invite you to use the new web-version of the Atlas of Clinical Fungi.  The Atlas is still in a test-phase as a database for online search, but you will notice enormous improvements with full-colour plates of most of the fungi, extended nomenclature, notes on pathogenicity with a wealth of recent references, and new chapters on antifungal susceptibility and recommended treatment. The Atlas will be further improved with molecular and phylogenetic data; updates are automatic at no costs. Alternative name search helps you to find any fungus that has ever been reported to cause human infection.

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